Our Pastor


Pastor Shawn Crisman

Pastor Shawn has been the teaching pastor at Kento-Boo since February 2014. He has been married to his wife Nicole for twenty one years and they have five children Broc, Rebecca, Natalie, Sophia, and Bryson. Pastor Shawn is a graduate of Ohio Mid-Western College, holding a B.A. in Pastoral Ministries. He has also received his M.A. in biblical Counseling and an M.A. in Christian Education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently finishing up his DEd.Min in leadership at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is driven by a passionate commitment to see people succeed in every area of life. That passion, along with enthusiasm, genuine love for people and effective teaching has fueled his ministry. Through his principled leadership, he is leading Kento-Boo in a new direction where we are Elder led, Deacon served, Team driven, and congregationally approved. Pastor Shawn’s primary passion is teaching God’s Word to powerfully advance the message of Christ and His kingdom.  

Deacon Ministry


Phil Beetem

Phil Beetem

Phil Beetem

Bro. Phil first attended Kento-Boo Baptist Church in 1955, at the age of 6, and attended regularly until he started college. He was out of church for several years and returned in 1983. He accepted the Lord as his Savior at Kento-Boo Baptist Church on December 2, 1984, and was baptized in believer’s baptism.He became active in church and have served the Lord in the following ways

  • Sunday school teacher
  • Chairman of the following committees: Trustees, 2 Building Committees, Finance, Pastor Search Committee, the Long Range Planning committee, and the Capital gifts Campaign
  • Currently serves as the Audio Director and Senior Ministries Leader

He has been a Yolkfellow since March 31, 1996. He married Mary Ann Congleton Beetem on September 9, 1978, and they have one daughter Hollee Beetem, as well as a son from a previous marriage, Phillip Derron
Beetem. He loves the Lord and have tried to serve Him in whatever capacity called. 


Jerry Hines

Phil Beetem

Phil Beetem

Jerry Hines has served as a Yolkfellow at Kento-Boo Baptist Church since December of 2007. He has been married to his wife, Linda, since 1969. They have two children and three grandchildren. 


Ron Vice

Phil Beetem

Ron Vice

Brother Ron has been a Christian since 1984. He has served as a Yolkfellow for the past twelve years. He has been married to his wife, Joyce, for 37 years and they have one child.  


Dennis Meyer

Dennis Meyer

Dennis Meyer

Brother Dennis serves as a Deacon at Kento-Boo. He and his wife, Helen both contribute greatly to Kento-Boo. Not only does Helen teach Sunday School, but she is also our church Hostess.


Larry Taylor

Dennis Meyer

Dennis Meyer

After being raised in another denomination for most of this his life, Brother Larry came to Kento-Boo in 1996. After his first visit he knew that God was instilling a piece of mind in him which he had been seeking for many years. Brother Larry begun to see that God was calling him to serve as a deacon in 1997. He has been married to his wife Diane, for 43 years. They have a son and two beautiful grandchildren. Brother Larry & and his wife Diane can be seen teaching the College & Carrer class on Sunday mornings for Sunday School.

Ministry Team Leaders

Children's Department: Nicole Crisman

Choir Ministry: Susan Hogan

Church Hostess: Helen Meyer

Decoration's Ministry: Ina Fenton

Drama Ministry: Carol Redd

First Impression Team: Rick Harris

Kitchen Organization: Bessie Hearn

Bereavement:  Steve & Linda Clark

Praise Team: Heather Nix

Senior Adults Ministry: Phil Beetem

Sunday School: Mary Jane Schopp

Technology Ministry: Rick Harris

Trustees: Phil Beetem

WMU: Ina Fenton

Youth Department: Noah Harris